The choice of a domain name is an important step for all website projects. Here are some tips to help you find the top domain names for your website.

But before proceedings for the Top Domain Names , First, we will tell you about the difference of URL Extensions and their purposes and then move forward for the domain names.

As we know that, the domain name is the address of an internet site. It consists of a name and an extension, like, .com, .net, .org, .info, and so on. One question arises here, which extension to choose while considering a domain name? So, the answer is, There are two criteria to consider when choosing the extension of your domain.

The relevance between the domain name and its extension and the content of its site,

For example

a Non-Governmental Agency or Association will opt for extensions such as .Org, .Ngo, while an Audit Agency will choose extensions, such as .Consulting or .Accountants.

On the other hand, the .Flowers domain extension would be ideal for a Florist, while a .Shop extension shows that this domain is exclusively related to a product seller.

As far as the Generic Extensions (gTLD) are concerned, they are Unanimously recognized, very popular and confer an international dimension. These include: .com, .net, .org, & .info etc.

Initially, these extensions were associated with particular activity and theme of a website. Today, their popularity makes them unavoidable and are open to more types of content. They are part of a routine and, this is actually common for a company to complete its name with a .COM to visit their website.

From SEO perspective, it is better to use Extensions By Country, for example, if you give SEO services in New York, then your domain extension can be,

JimmySEO.US, What will it do? it will simply help you out in faster Ranking.

Every country has its own extensions, here we mentioned some for your info.

.us for USA, .uk for United Kingdom, .pk for Pakistan, .de for Germany, .ch for Switzerland, .it for Italy, .fr for France, .be for Belgium, .es for Spain and many more.

If you want to target multiple countries at the same time, you can choose a top-level national domain extension for each of the target countries, which will allow you to enhance the local aspect of your activities.

Now, here we reached to explain about Top Domain Names,



ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is in the middle of the process of assigning to different companies new domains of superior level.

ICANN announced some time ago that it was going to expand the top level domains and the applicants already sent their applications. Like all the Internet, there are very desirable domains. According to reports, Google and Amazon are competing to be able to handle such important domains as .mail, .cloud and .app.

What is the point of buying a higher level domain? There are two main reasons . For large companies like Amazon and Google, which are not in the business of Internet domains, But, their main reason is the marketing and protection of their products. If someone keeps the .mail, it could easily sell g.mail and create a confusion between the services.

Some of the most popular domains are .blog, .buy, .casino, .chat, .corp, and .music.

It is worth noting that ICANN is just receiving the requests . They still have to sort through each document and decide which companies have the necessary credentials to be a Manager of a higher level domain.

The gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) are the .com, .co, .org, .tv and other top quality domains, .biz, .LOL, .Pay etc are being  managed by a number of companies. You can buy top quality domains with these extensions, by shopping our current inventory at

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